About us - Avantify

"Our mission is to partner with and propel Ecommerce businesses to robust growth, with increasing customer conversion rates being our primary objective."

Landry (CEO & Founder)

Landry is the founder and CEO of Avantify. He began his career as a developer and was later inspired by the idea of helping merchants in Ecommerce, which led him to establish Avantify. He always hopes to accompany all customers and provide them with the utmost value.

Selena (CS team leader)

Selena is truly skilled in customer service. She can text with five people simultaneously and handle hundreds of different issues. She is very proficient with ad operations, capable of resolving nearly 100% of issues related to Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, and Snapchat ads. She also has the ability to customize visually appealing interfaces for each store.

David (Tech Leader)

David has excellent coding knowledge; he often codes a feature in just a few days.

Tom (Frondend Developer)

Tom is the strongest UI developer on the team, and his task is to make the interface smooth and user-friendly.

John (Backend Leader)

John is the backend developer of the team. His task is to provide users with accurate and fast data while ensuring high security for information.

With the collaboration of 15 developers from around the world.

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